The GDA provides bulk advertising in the Spring/Summer and the Fall/Winter Visitor Guides. Ads are sold by the GDA.  All payments go to the GDA and is less than the cost of regular advertising. Magazines are published and distributed by local businesses.  The GDA also offers bulk advertising in other publications and inserts saving the members advertising money.

We promote downtown with activities and public relations, holding events to bring large numbers of visitors to the downtown area. We also advocate for small business owners before City Council and the City Manager, bringing issues forward that merchants have identified.

We hold monthly breakfast meetings the last Thursday of the month at 9 am at a downtown restaurant where members can share information and ideas and identify what the GDA can do to help them.

A monthly newsletter keeps all members and associates up to date on downtown events and issues.

We sell merchandise with local logos, such as shot glasses, bumper stickers.

Joining the Galax Downtown Association (GDA) costs $35 per year beginning July 1. New members joining after Jan 1 pay a prorated amount until the beginning of the next fiscal year.